Subsurface-mobile is the mobile version of Subsurface, advanced dive logging software with extensive infrastructure to display, organize, and interpret scuba and free dives. Subsurface-mobile is available for Android and iOS. It is open-source software (in simple terms that means that there is no commercial interest behind it, all the source code needed to build the app is available, there are no ads, no one is monetizing your data, etc).

Subsurface-mobile allows a more accessible dive log on the go. For example, you can prove dive experience on a dive trip to dive shops or review previous dives while on a dive boat. Subsurface-mobile also allows the gathering of GPS locations where dives are performed. Assuming you have a dive computer that is supported by the mobile OS of your choice, Subsurface-mobile even supports the downloading of dives from your dive computer.

Users of Subsurface-mobile typically use the mobile app together with the desktop version of Subsurface, sharing dive information between the mobile and the desktop versions using a free Subsurface Cloud account. However, Subsurface-mobile can also be used independently of the desktop version and does not require the use of cloud storage.

Subsurface-mobile 3.0 is a fairly significant rewrite of our mobile app, which we believe justifies the jump in major version number.

Major new features

  • We completely re-implemented the dive list and as a result you should see a very noticeable performance improvement compared to earlier versions. As part of this rewrite, we have added a context menu to several screens, which gives you access to additional operations. For example, you are now able to manage dive trips in the mobile app, move dives between trips, edit trip notes, etc.

  • You can now zoom into the dive profile with a pinch gesture and pan the zoomed-in profile by dragging with a finger in order to better see details in the profile.

  • We added an undo and redo system which makes it much easier to deal with errors or unintended actions that you may have taken in the mobile UI.

  • For Android users, we are bringing back a major feature that we used to have a partial implementation of: downloads from USB-serial dive computers should once again work for all Android devices. This means you can download dive information directly to your mobile Android device from most older Suunto dive computers, most Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro, etc. Actually, this new feature supports quite a few more dive computer families for USB serial download than what we had before, as now more USB serial chipsets are supported.

Other improvements

  • We restructured the menu system which is now more intuitive, bundling related topics together and reducing clutter.

  • You can now initiate a reset of your Subsurface Cloud password from within the mobile app.

  • We rewrote the Settings page to make it easier to use.

  • You can now select the unit system that Subsurface-mobile uses to display your dive data.

  • We added a new Dive summary which should make it easier to give a dive center a quick overview of your dive experience.

  • We made small improvements (as a result of a complete behind-the-scenes rewrite) to the filter code.

  • You should see various usability improvements in the UI.

  • You are now able to upload dive data to and directly from your mobile device.

Bug fixes

  • Several of the small oddities with the dive list in our last version should be gone; in the previous version sometimes after editing a dive you were shown the wrong dive; sometimes after larger operations like downloading from a dive computer or applying GPS fixes the dive list would get completely confused and you had to restart Subsurface-mobile for things to work correctly again. Many other small improvements along those same lines.

  • We made many small bug fixes in the download UI and the handling of downloaded dives.

  • We fixed an issue with GPS positions that were applied to otherwise unchanged dives not being saved to storage.