The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.9.7 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This release fixes a number of issues in 4.9.6 and adds a couple of minor enhancements as well as support for quite a few new dive computers. Some of the changes in Subsurface 4.9.7:

new features:

  • profile: add an “Edit Gas Change” right-click option [#2910]

  • import: add parser for SeacSync db. Currently only Seac Action uses SeacSync program.

  • add support for Shearwater Peregrine (requires firmware V81 or newer)

  • add support for Aqualung: i470TC

  • add support for Liquivision Kaon, Lynx, Xen, Xeo

  • add support for McLean Extreme

  • add support for Oceans S1

  • add automatic recognition of more BLE dive computers


  • bluetooth/rfcomm: fix broken classic BT downloads on Linux and Windows; macOS is still broken

  • equipment: don’t overwrite already set weights when changing weight type [#2938]

  • equipment: do substring search for equipment types

  • profile: improve resolution in printing and export

  • core: fix renumbering of imported dives [#2731]

  • core: fix broken merging of dives with multiple cylinders

  • core: make sure current dive is always selected [#2961]

  • core: update filter status when loading dive list [#2961]

  • media: read timestamp from mvhd atom of QuickTime/MP4 style videos

  • planner: properly initialize salinity

  • planner: handle zero length segments gracefully when replanning

  • planner: honor the “O2 narcotic” preference when computing MND

  • import: fix a copule of bugs on Shearwater Cloud import

  • fix Shearwater parser to support PNF on Petrel dive computers

Where do I find binaries?

Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and an AppImage for x86-64 Linux (plus distribution specific binaries for a number of Linux flavors including Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE).

You can get Subsurface 4.9.7 from these locations:


Mac: (this is intended for the latest macOS version. For other macOS versions, see the downloads page)

Linux: A generic AppImage is available for download: Subsurface-4.9.7-x86_64.AppImage, make it executable

chmod +x Subsurface-4.9.7-x86_64.AppImage and then simply run this file.

Linux: Snap Get it from the Snap Store

Linux: Ubuntu: Add ppa:subsurface/subsurface to your software sources; the .deb in that PPA can also be installed on sufficiently current versions LinuxMint; see the Downloads page and use to get our latest release version.

Linux: openSUSE: go to our open build service release page

Linux: Fedora: go to our COPR release page

Please post questions of problems in the User Forum or file a bug in our Bug Tracker.